Flower Power

Every year thousands of people visit Chelsea and the King's Road. Chelsea is still one of the most residential areas of London, home to families who have lived here for generations. This gives Chelsea such an intimate mood making you feel instantly at home. That, and the great variety of things to see and do. Every May Chelsea opens its doors even wider to the many enthusiasts who visit Chelsea Flower Show at the Royal Hospital.

This year we are extending the colour and the beauty by bringing Flower Power to almost two miles of the King's Road. Enjoy the different parts of the neighbourhood for Chelsea in Bloom. Even if you have lived here all your life you will see something fresh on your daily routine. 

The power of flowers to delight our senses runs deep.

In spite of economic crashes, a world full of wars, the wonder of the petal, stalk and leaf continues to fascinate us. We celebrate, we romance, we mourn, we grow and decorate with every shade and hue, every shape and size of flowering plant imaginable. Flower carts and florists do brisk trade across the whole of Chelsea. 

Long synonymous with flowers, from the extravagance of the Chelsea Flower Show and its naughtier sibling, the Chelsea Fringe, to the historic array of nurseries that once ran all along the King's Road in the 18th century.

This year, we are hosting our very own floral celebration, Flower Power from late May to early September. We extend the glorious displays at Sloane Square and Duke of York Square for Chelsea in Bloom right along the 4,000 paces that take you from Sloane Square to World's End. 

As part of the highly successful, Chelsea Fringe we plan an array of interesting, different and unusual displays. 

More than one hundred flower baskets all along the two mile stretch give a pretty view to the walker and to all those up on the top deck too.

Public displays along King's Road from Sloane Square to World's End are being planned by shopkeepers, schools, churches, the fire brigade, art galleries, artists, designers and musicians. Restaurants are creating menus and drinks full of floral delights and we have some fun and quirky events to bring a colour to your cheeks.

All we ask is that you bring your brightest smile and prepare to lighten up. Put on your most colourful clothes and become part of the beautiful parade. Join the cast of the many millions before you who have all added to the special nature and the vibrant King's Road, Chelsea. 


With support from a great number of organisations we are bringing a riot of colour and beauty along the whole King's Road from Sloane Square to World's End. 

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We create activities from concept to delivery on
King's Road, Chelsea.

We hold monthly breakfast meetings and seasonal parties to support collaborations and bring together interesting people with great ideas.

If you would like to get involved or just talk to us about initiatives on King's Road, Chelsea email us at hello@kingsroadchelsea.london

Organising team:

Sarah Farrugia, strategy & design

Eleanor Ruddock, events

Iona Ind, research